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Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning by Timothy Snyder

Black Earth by Timothy Snyder

I picked this book because in the sixth grade I had one of the most amazing teacher that I can remember. She spent 9 weeks teaching us the history of the Holocaust. My son is in the sixth grade so I thought I would brush up with the history of that tragedy with this book.
This book is almost over my head. It did not work for what I had intended it for.
But does that mean it’s a bad book? Of course not.

Snyder gives a detailed. (Sometimes almost mind numbingly so) recounting of Hitler’s maniacal rise and then he makes you stop and think…Could something similar happen now?

Don’t shake your head no so fast, buster.
He uses other for instances but it’s my little review space and I tend to ramble so I’m using one that I know of recently..
My state Six Flags featured a day for each of several religions. I know that they had “Christian Day” and several other “special days” featured. Then they had “Muslim Day”. People flipped their lids. Social media blew up with hate and ramblings and honestly? If I had been Muslim there is no way in heck that I would attend that event that day. Because what was being posted scared me.
Hate festers and spreads.

Then Snyder talks about world climate and how if food sources were in short supply, what would happen? Would people turn against a group of people with the whole survival of the fittest in mind?

Most of the reviews on Goodreads and everywhere else I looked have this book as a highly rated book. And it’s good. But, to me the author talks over most people’s head on a subject that needs to be talked about and remembered. I just wish that it had been a tad bit more understandable.

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Food by Jim Gaffigan

Food by Jim Gaffigan

I think I found my long lost brother…
Chicago commercial photographers

Yes Jim..I do.

A book on totally embracing all your food sins? Sign me up. I try and eat healthy..Avoid McDonald’s, Not eat Bacon for everymeal (Notice how Bacon gets capitilized-it should always), eat some veggies..and fruit.
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Who am I kidding? In this book you don’t read it for the fruit! You read it to have fun with food. Even when it kills you.
Chicago commercial photographers

Jim Gaffigan doesn’t care if you eat McDonald’s. He admits he does. Even when he hides behind the counters so that you can’t see him there.
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I think he might be a chubby evil genius though. He comes up with the idea of restaurants helping you when you go out to eat. Instead of wine sommeliers the joints should have “fattelier”
Case in point:
Fattelier: Well, I’d get the chili cheese fries with the cheese on the side. You get more cheese that way.


Now is Gaffigan a foodie? Heck no. He is an “eatie” I think I’m going to give up being a foodie and just join his idea. It sounds like way more fun. Plus, I’m kinda lazy too. So win win.
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Now I do know that Gaffigan gained some fame from his routine with “Hot Pockets” and there is mention of them in this book. But that part was the most boring thing in the book so I admit to skimming there. I’m not even brave enough to eat those suckers. So ain’t nobody got time for that.
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He also is not a big fan of sea-bugs seafood so if you love the stuff just get prepared to maybe not love it so much after reading this book.
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The book is fun though. He takes you to some of his favorite burger places, places to get BBQ, talks about grits in the south, describes the eating experiences of American holidays…I loved it.

So just embrace your eating. At least as long as it takes to power through this book. Because you gonna be hungry. Not for kale either.
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Booksource: I received a copy of this book from blogging for books in exchange for review.

5 in 5 for Every Season by Michael Symon

Michael Symon's 5 in 5 for Every Season by Michael Symon

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This book is pretty awesome. Michael Symon is another of my favorite chefs. He doesn’t just go all Iron Chef either.
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He manages for me, to come across and like-able and interesting. In this book he takes five fresh ingredients that cook in around five minutes and puts them together very well. I love seasonal cooking because let’s face it…that is when food is at it’s best. He does advocate local ingredients also..that is going to make these dishes just pure yum.

I would have loved a few more pictures of the foods he prepares just because I love some foodie porn pics.

Here are some of the ones that he does include:
(Some are taken with my crappy phone so excuse them)

Chicago commercial photographers

Chicago commercial photographers
(Grilled “Buffalo Style” Chicken tenders)

Chicago commercial photographers
(I can’t wait to try these squash tacos)

Chicago commercial photographers
(Shaved Brussel Sprouts with Pecorino) Be still my heart.

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Born to be Awkward by Mike Bender

You know those links on Facebook that pop up with Awkward Family Photo’s? I never can resist clicking them. I love seeing that someone else’s family is just as screwed up as mine.

This book is an ode to the babies of the world that were doomed at the start.

For instance: That aunt that always says she is going to eat your face?

Then the older sister who wants you taken back to the stork.

Some of these kids do fight back though..

Booksource: Blogging for books in exchange for review.

Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada by Ernest Cline

I like to think I’m sorta with it as an adult.

I read books that my teenagers like. I run from adult responsibilities. I love some pop culture stuff. I make fart jokes with my tweenish age son.
I’m totally on board with the cool stuff.

Until I met this book.
I absolutely and totally hate it. I know I should make myself finish it since I received a copy as an arc. I’m not doing it. You can’t make me.

I loved Ready Player One so much that it is one of my favorites that I’ve read this year. This sucker is going on top of my most hated for the year.

You have this: My father had drawn circles around the entries for Iron Eagle, Ender’s Game, and The Last Starfighter, then he’d added the lines connecting them all to each other-and now for the first time I finally understood why. All three stories were about a kid who trained for real-life combat by playing a videogame simulation of it.

And that boys and girls is the gist of this book.

Now that really does not sound like the worst book ever. But then you take and put in a pop culture reference in almost every frigging paragraph and it wears on your every loving last nerve in a frucking hurry.
Don’t believe me? This is from the blurb-that I stupidly waited to read after I started the book.
Armada is a rollicking, surprising thriller, a classic coming of age adventure, and an alien invasion tale like nothing you’ve ever read before-one whose every page in infused with the pop-culture savvy that has helped make Ready Player One a phenomenon.


Not only do we have continuous pop culture forced down our throat at ever possible moment. You also must throw in every cliche known to young adult books on top of that. I did not finish this book but so far into it I saw the whole bullying storyline, single mom/dead dad, lonely boy who is going to be the hero, and insta-loving. As a matter of fact the insta-loving is when I said to hell with this book. I actually gritted my teeth it was so bad.

Then, as if that weren’t lame enough, I added, “I’m not old enough to drink, anyway.”
She rolled her eyes at me. “They’re about to tell us that the world is ending, you realize?” she said. “You don’t want to be stone-cold sober for that shit, do you?”
“You make a compelling argument,” I said, taking the flask from her.
As I raised it to my lips, she began to chant, “Breakin’-the-law-breakin’-the-law.”

I did get some stuff done while reading this book though. I cleaned my entire house, I even cleaned drama kitties litter box. It was way more fun than this book. And my ass is lazy.

Book source: Blogging for books in exchange for review.

The Fold by Peter Clines

The Fold by Peter Clines

Mike’s a small town teacher. He just wants a normal life. The thing is Mike has a gift/curse/secret. He has an eidetic memory.

Calm down Reid fangirls. He looks more like this.

His memory skills are super charged. The guy is a walking computer. He sees it in his head as ants moving information around.

I don’t think I want any ants in my head but this part of the book had me hooked.
Then his friend who heads some government agency or such wants him into his organization. Why? To go out and objectively “look” into an expensive project that he is funding.
The project? These guys have set up a “Fold” that lets you transport/teleport to another place.

So very cool! And very sciency! I like!

I started reading this book yesterday and I was hooked. The writing was so good and it kept my attention. Then my husband decides we need to go to the grocery store. He mumbled something about needing to eat instead of read all the time. I usually just ignore him but the boy child was looking at me funny so I caved.
Once I got back I picked the book back up. I was at around page 270 and I think someone snuck in and changed books on me…Because the book did this:

I mean really?!?!?!
(view spoiler)
You can’t give me such an awesome book and the throw in that towel. I wanted MORE! More goodness not crazy shit.

I’m thinking a five star for the book before page 270 and a two star for the rest. Average 3 big old stars.
I didn’t hate it but I thought the book deserved better.

Book source:blogging for books in exchange for review.

The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

The Library at Mount Char by Scott  Hawkins

This is honestly the weirdest book I have ever read.

The first hundred or so pages of this book make no sense whatsoever. I mean none.
You just get thrown into the book and hope for the best. I kept thinking I was going to dnf this sucker but I looked and most of my friends on Goodreads had given it a pretty decent rating. I didn’t want to be that weird one..again.

I’m going to attempt to sum up some of this book and hopefully make some sense of it in my mind at the same time. (Probably not going to happen..but what the heck)

So there is this Caroline chick. She says she used to be normal. Then “Father” adopted her and she became one of the librarians.

Then you have people getting killed. Several times. They bring them back from the dead and kill them again.
I’m telling you this book is whacked.
You have talking animals that “help” the librarians.

You also have David. A librarian who loves to kill and maim. As he wears his tutu.

“Father” taught each of his librarians, but they were only allowed to study out of the books in their fields. Or they suffered the consequences.

“Father” also seemed to have friends in high places.

I give up. This book really makes no sense. Parts of it were actually pretty good. Thus the three star rating. I think I’m going to go and take a nap now though and hope to just forget about these librarians. They gave me a freaking headache.

Food 52: Genius Recipes by Kristen Miglore

Food52 Genius Recipes by Kristen Miglore

Genius recipes surprise us and make us rethink the way we cook.

I’m not really feeling that with this cookbook. I love the Food 52 blog and really thought this cookbook would be outstanding. There are a few of the recipes I will try including Nigella Lawson’s dense chocolate cake. I’m wishing I had chocolate in the house right now for that one. Michael Ruhlman’s Rosemary-Brined Buttermilk fried chicken caught my eye too.

This cookbook to me is definitely not a beginner book. It’s fun to look at though. My copy may just be the weird one but it kinda smells funny.

Here’s some pretty pictures from the book:

(Whole Roasted Cauliflower with whipped goat cheese)

(Kale Panini)

(Classic Guacamole-because I love the stuff)

Trisha’s Table by Trisha Yearwood

Trisha's Table by Trisha Yearwood

I have Trisha Yearwood’s other cookbooks and I think I much prefer them to this one. It states that this is a lower calorie way to explore the mantra of 80/20, which means you eat healthy 80% of the time and splurge some the other 20%.
I’m not seeing that.

I’d eat the dang cheesecake in a heartbeat.
Not that the recipes are bad. Her recipes are always easily followed and the images throughout the cookbook are gorgeous. It just didn’t seem to be what was advertised on the blurb for the book.
I’m definitely up to trying several of her recipes though.

Capture the Moment by Sarah Wilkerson

Capturing the Moment by Sarah Wilkerson

This book was just kinda meh to me.
The blurb of the book says that it features some of the works of the members of the blog “Clickin Moms”. I honestly thought that it would have been a great deal better than what I found. Their website is entertaining and I think the better deal.
For example: (This is one page of the book)
Turn off your flash
Avoid red-eye and unexpected bright glares by turning off your camera’s automatic flash. This will greatly improve the quality of your images in most situations.

Followed by a picture of pears and cheese.

Groundbreaking info? Not really. You can do a basic google search about photography and pick up most of the info presented here.
For the photos, Some of nice and then some of them…well not.
There is a few of them that are out of focus or blurred.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from blogging for books.