Daisy Cake Bakes by Kim Nelson

Daisy Cakes Bakes by Kim Nelson

Usually when it comes to cakes I’m pretty easy to please….

As full disclosure I have one of these recipes for Banana Cake in my oven right now because I had some half rotten aged bananas on my table that needed used..but the icing for it is supposed to be just sweetened whipped cream? I ain’t feeling that.

But that aside…and let’s be honest. Cookbooks make me look at them and then half the time I see the price and my head automatically is saying heck no because….

And this one really is not anything special. Just average cake recipes that I swear you can find just about anywhere. People get real..Cookbooks are pretty and this one is no exception to that rule but at least try and put out something different. Not some dang pork rind crusted cheesecake that even my fat ass wouldn’t eat.

Booksource: From Publisher in exchange for review

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