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The Best Books I read in 2017

My reading numbers this year were much less than in previous years and my time on GR has been shorter. *insert sad face* Real life sometimes interferes with reading though and it happens. I’m not sad. It hasn’t been a bad year at all.

Now for the fun stuff!

Best Thriller:

I loved the heck out of this one and still find myself mad that I don’t have it to read. It’s one of those that I want more of. Right now.

Best Non-fiction:

This story sucker punched me in the gut. And made me mad. I’m floored that this horrific nightmare didn’t get more news coverage than it did.

Best Porny Read:

I enjoyed every single porny moment of this book. I HAVE zero shames. (You know you wanna read it)

Best Sci Fi type book:

Books like this one is exactly why I love reading little indy authors. Sometimes they sneak up and just punch you in the face.

Best Young Adult:

My favorite superhero brought to life in a girl powerish type book. Yes, please.

Best book that no one is reading:

I want to book push this one on everyone. Go get your copy! Why are you still here? Go do it.

Best Historical Fiction:

I had a tie on this one because I just couldn’t choose.

BEST Book of the Year:

I thought it was pure perfection.

Honorable Mentions: