Cottonmouths by Kelly J. Ford

You know that feeling when you see a book that you KNOW is the one for you?

This is one of those books for me. I saw it many months appear on GR and kept stalking waiting for it. I had really high hopes for it. Then I got denied for it. I whined to everyone that would listen without telling me to shut up with my first world problems. Okay, so I whined to the ones that told me that also.
Then finally I threw all the craps to the wind and resorted to a different avenue.

Not only for myself but for one of my besties since she had a birthday coming. I have zero shames. She and that boar will cut someone in their sleep.

I need to shut up rambling because now the police are looking for me to serve that restraining order.

Emily has returned home to the small town of Drear’s Bluff. She and her Christian Values mother aren’t telling the story of how Emily dropped out of college after failing a few classes. That would not look good in the town of “let me one up you’s”..something else that wouldn’t go over real good in that town is Emily’s yearnings for her former best friend Jody.

But guess who else is back in town? Jody is back and has a baby attached to her hip. She has way more going on than Emily bargained for. Including that little meth den in the chicken house.

Now ask yourself before you get all judgy on some meth stuff…have you ever really yearned for something so badly that nothing else in your whole life could enter into the picture. Image taking that and putting it into some of the most spare, beautiful words that you have held in your hands in years.
That’s this book.

Booksource: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. They didn’t ask for anything because I think they were busy on the phone with the cops. We won’t go into further comments because this could be evidence. I still loved this book.


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