Crazy Old Lady by Angel Gelique

Crazy Old Lady by Angel Gelique

When I saw the title alone I knew this book was me was going to be good. I have a thing for old peoples, probably because I’m right there with them. We are tired of some young people’s shit. We gonna own the world one day.

If we could remember it.

This little story is packed full of surprises. If you have ever read anything by Angel Gelique you might know that she is one of the sweetest people on Goodreads but you better get ready to read one of her books.

Two neighborhood losers have decided to rob and kill the town’s ‘crazy old lady.’ No one sees her much anymore because she rarely leaves her house. One of them gets bored and leaves. His buddy decides that she is easy pickings and he can get all the loot and snuff her out with no help from anyone.

That works out real well for him.

Never, ever underestimate the old ladies…we will kick your ass.
Especially one like the one in this book-who might be spoiling for some fun times.


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