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The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

I would have a totally awesome quote inserted right here. Except for the fact that Kelly ‘the book pusher’ and Mitchell may really share parts of my brain. I checked and she had already stolen them. I’ll let her slide since she threatened me bodily harm if I didn’t hurry up and read this one. Because it’s just pure goodness. (Don’t read this ‘head in the oven’ book and look at us weird. We were already weird to start with.)

This book starts off with fifteen year old Lane after her mother’s suicide. She lives with the neighbor drag queen for a minute before the state steps in and tells her she must have a legal place to go. And guess what? Her long lost grandparents not only will take her. They want her.
So off she goes to rural Kansas and her new home.


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She is greeted by her cousin Allegra, who has lived with the grandparents since birth. When he mom took off right after her birth. She learns that Roanoke girls either run or they die.
That sounds like the perfect type of girls doesn’t it?
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Gran is there also. She is one of those perfect types that would die if her hair wasn’t in place.
Then the grandfather. Who is described as handsome but I think he is majorly creepy as heck. *shudders*
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I can’t tell you much more because that would make me a spoilery butthole. Just know that this book is family drama times infinity.
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I’m gonna go take a bleach shower now.

Booksource: I received a copy from Netgalley and Crown books. In exchange for review. But really because I have no shame in my begging for a book like this.


Imperial Valley by Johnny Shaw

Imperial Valley by Johnny Shaw

Getting a new Johnny Shaw book always puts me in a really good mood.
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Especially if it’s one featuring two of my all time favorite characters. Jimmy and Bobby. Those two pretty much guarantee a good time.

They haven’t changed much…
I had always tried to do the right thing, even when I seemed to consistently make things worse. Now it was time to do the wrong thing. I hoped that worked out better.

Jimmy starts off the book by finally marrying Angie. You think things would be calm now that he has settled down and they are in the middle of newlywed bliss. You’d have the wrong book if that was your plan.
Drug lord Tomas comes calling for the after wedding with a present for Jimmy. Some cash, a pre-paid trip and he has found Jimmy’s adopted son’s true grandfather. They just have to go to Mexico to find him.

That works out pretty much as expected after Bobby and his girlfriend shows up. These two guys attract trouble like no one else. One thing about it though, they are ALWAYS there for each other. No matter how stupid the other may be.
It’s hard to review this one without going spoilery and it’s way too much fun to get spoiled on one of these books. Just know that Bobby is his usual self…full of helpful tips.
“You have no idea how hard it is to find good muscle.”
“Have you tried Craigslist?” Bobby said. “Look in the ‘Hoods and Flunkies’ category.”

Then throw in all Jimmy’s buddies, Snout, Buck-Buck, Mr. Morales, Tomas and a few new wonderful characters that also fit into Bobby’s motto of..“I’ve been waiting my whole life for a fight like this. Finally. It’s finally time to fuck some fuckers the fuck up.”

These are the guys I’d want as friends if the crap hit the fan.

I’d bring plenty of beer so calm down.
(P.S. You can read these as stand alone’s but honestly you would miss the backstory. Go read them all.)

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.