Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn

Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn
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When I read the first book in this series Stroked we were introduced to the main characters in that book. I liked them but there was that friend that I was dying for more of.

Meghan Quinn brought him to the table in this book.
Hollis sees Melony and immediately knows that she is his forever woman. She just doesn’t see it. Because Hollis has an ego bigger than four states and Melony has some abandonment issues.

Hollis decides she is worth sticking it out for and figures he is going to “Noah Calhoun” her ass to death until she professes her undying love for him.
(If you don’t know who Noah Calhoun right now and correct that mistake. I’ll wait.)

The thing about Hollis though, he ain’t just sugary sweet. The boy can’t seem to keep his mouth shut for nuthin.

“Observing my cock while I’m diving, nice. Don’t worry, sugar tits, what you see isn’t at all what you get. That’s just a third of the prize. This dude has cock.”
I laugh. I can’t help it. “Oh my God, who even says that?”

I’m totally in love.
He even has a chihuahua!
Normally, little dogs are yappy little fucks, not Taco. He’s older, more mature, at least that’s what I like to tell people. I don’t bother saying he’s the laziest dog ever. Fetch? Yeah, he doesn’t know what that is. Whenever I try to play, it turns into Taco pushing the ball and me chasing it. How the fuck that happens, I have no clue. But I refuse to play anymore; it’s demeaning to me.

Then you have the sex scenes. All I can say is you might end up in this state after reading this one.

I want to hoard this book for myself. I will let you read it if you promise not to fall in love with my book boyfriend. (WhoKelly tried to claim.)

He’s too cocky, too arrogant when he talks, always joking about my boob somehow falling in his mouth. That’s not intimate. That’s just…perverted.

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