Far Afield by Shane Mitchell


The author and the photographer for this book have traveled the world on assignments for food and travel publications, they decided to branch off and do a book of their own thing. I’m so glad they did. This book is flipping amazing.

(Fair warning: My camera on my phone totally sucks and does these images no justice-but I wanted to give everyone an idea of how gorgeous this book is)

 photo 14915528_10157715324395626_8623433488119262419_n_zps9ghxq8i9.jpg

This book made my foodie heart beat faster, but food is only part of the journey. You get stories that go along with where you are in the world and tidbits of another life.

Like how refugees are sharing their last coffee or tea..because they believe everyone should have something.
 photo 14915163_10157715318360626_1071682533793263814_n_zpsaciyblgd.jpg

 photo 14963220_10157715322310626_2526121057365837867_n_zpsos0do54q.jpg

 photo 14938169_10157715319505626_8676143636569466876_n_zpsnxvycygi.jpg

 photo 14925499_10157715320880626_8007859154421664916_n_zpsvzrcgmgq.jpg

PS. Sometimes I really do cook some of the recipes in the cookbooks that I drool over. Here is some spiced okra (I added squash too…because)
*also taken with my crappy phone*

 photo 10347078_10154349576550626_3592464297323444887_n_zpsbgbhnzmh.jpg

Booksource: I received a copy of this book in exchange for review from the publisher.

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