One Night by Deanna Cabinian

One Night by Deanna Cabinian

I think I might be sorta in love with a sixteen year old fictional character.

Thompson has had his heart broken. It happened on The Worst Valentine’s Day In History(TM), Caroline was his first love, he knew they were meant to be together forever. Except she seemed to want to sleep with everyone else too.
He knows she still loves him though.
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Caroline had an unrivaled obsession with Elvis and I had in retrospect, an unhealthy obsession with her.

In between his job at Super K-Mart and hanging out with his gansta wanna-be friend, Thompson mopes around listening to Elvis and all the heartbreak songs he can download.

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He goes one afternoon to the Tiki House to see Elvis impersonators in the hopes of ‘bumping into’ his dream girl. What he does is hear the most awesome Elvis impersonator ever sing “Hurt”..and he automatically knows that this guy knows real woman hurting pain.
He strikes a friendship up with Johnny, the thirty-something Catholic Italian Elvis.
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Thompson finds out that Johnny’s heart has indeed been broken by the girl that got away, so Thompson and some of his friends devise a plan to re-unite Johnny with his lost love.

I LOVED this. Everything about this book is just eat up with a spoon stuff. The only problem I had with it (It would have gotten all the stars otherwise) is that I found Johnny’s character a bit stiff. That stood out because all the other characters in the book came vividly into my mind. But so what? It’s still worth reading a million times. AND it does not fall into every young adult trope known to man. No love-triangles, no angsty want me to smack them characters. Hells yeah.

It’s that coming of age thing when the characters grow before your eyes and you realize that sometimes you just have to do that Grand Gesture.
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AND it’s set in Hawaii.


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