Ghosts from our Past by Erin Gilbert and Abby L. Yates

Ghosts from Our Past by Erin Gilbert

There just so happened to be Ghostbusters before Ghostbusting was cool.
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But we really didn’t hear much about them..but once yet another Ghostbusting movie is released we get this book in it’s newly revised and updated edition.

The first few pages of this book was my little weirdo mind’s idea of a good time.
Erin was an odd child whose parents had to pay a dollar an hour out to make sure she had friends. Said friends got paid overtime on Halloween night (holiday pay), so they wanted Erin to get her full friend time. But what do they do? They must prank the old lady next door. You know the one. (the one that acts like me and wants everyone off her lawn.) Nicknamed Cruella by the neighborhood kids she warned them what would happen if even one leaf that they were playing in ended up on her side of the fence.

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The old lady passes away a few months later and she keeps her word by her ghost taunting young Erin at night.

Word gets out that Erin is seeing ghosts and that she is pretty much a weirdo. Nicknamed Ghost Girl she sits by herself at lunch until Abby the new girl sits next to her at lunch.
Thus begins a wonderful friendship.
“You know you’re the first person who I’ve talked to about ghosts in years who hasn’t called me crazy.”
“Oh, you could still be crazy,” I said, “but that doesn’t preclude you from seeing ghosts. Crazy people see ghosts just the same as everybody else. For what it’s worth, you don’t seem crazy.”

And a paranormal investigating club. You guys know these girls were super popular.

They did come up with a catchy jingle:
Ain’t nuthin’ but a ghost thang, baby
We ain’t talking ’bout no Patrick Swayze
Ghosts are real, there ain’t no “maybe”
Why does everyone say we crazy?

Beats me why people thought they were weird.
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The book then delves into more info on the paranormaling stuff. Types of ghosts, ghost hunters from the past and the all important ghost hunting tools.

It does seem like the whole second half of the book is just filler, including pages for you to fill out in your investigating and pages for your notes. Kinda meh after that great start though.
There is one thing I totally could be best friends with these girls on…their lust-fullness for one of the greatest paranormal investigators of all time.
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Booksource: Received from blogging for books in exchange for review.


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