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All Under Heaven by Carolyn Phillips

All Under Heaven by Carolyn Phillips

This book is way more than a simple cookbook. The author tells the history of China and it’s foods by breaking the country into sections. It’s a history lesson/foodie dream come true.

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She does the book in a way that a clueless (raises hand) Chinese food rookie can not feel overwhelmed. A majority of the food can be done by even me. There is of course, some that is way over my head. But who knows? One day I may actually decide to tackle some of them.

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Some people may miss the glamorous foodie pics that usually accompany cookbooks now but for some reason this cookbook with it’s hand drawn images just appealed to me. It just fit in with the type of book that it is.

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Victuals: An Appalachian Journey, with Recipes by Ronni Lundy

Victuals by Ronni Lundy

Technically this is not really a cookbook as it is the author’s experience of Appalachia. She tells her stories and memories beautifully throughout. The whole Appalachian stereotypes are touched how we are all either Honey Boo Boo’s or straight out of Deliverance. (Some of us are but that’s a whole different story.)
She also has stories throughout the book that tell the roots of Appalachia that entwines our heritage with Irish, German and other ancestries. It reads beautifully. One passage in particular stood out when the author tells a bit about wishing that she listened to her Grandmother about the uses of herbs and roots. I kick my butt pretty often for the same thing, my Gran knew so much about their uses (and they do differ from ANY book I have ever seen) and young me thought the whole southern heritage thing was a bunch of bull and I ignored it. I’m a total idiot.

Anyways, I tend to ramble but this book….If you are interested in the old Appalachia this is a great starting place, the photos throughout are amazing. Recipes are thrown in at just the right time and completely made me drool over some of them.

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(You might think hotdogs are an odd addition to the book but fear not. We eat those suckers a whole lot.)

I’m making up for lost time with my southern heritage and you totally know if I’m comfortable with talking with you when my language goes completely southern. I have the south in my mouth. See this book and you’ll see some of the reasons why that I’m not ashamed of that. Plus just look at this image taken from my porch. The south rules.
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