Stroked by Meghan Quinn

Stroked by Meghan Quinn

I’m late to the party on reading a smexy times book with an athlete in it. Most likely because my idea of exercising would probably go something like this.
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Ain’t nobody got time for that. BUT this was a Meghan Quinn book. And I found this.
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So I decided I had some time. Kelly and I have decided that Meghan Quinn should be our real life friend but we haven’t stalked her enough yet for it to happen. This chick writes some funny stuff. (Check out The Virgin Romance Novelistand The Mother Road if you don’t believe me)

This story is the story of a production assistant named Paisley who kinda blew her chance at a decent job with a little boo-boo and now her room-mate and best friend Jonathan has gotten her a job as a personal assistant to reality star Bellini Chambers. (Think Kardasians times a million)
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Bellini is freaking awful! And of course I loved it. She is the pampered daughter of a guy who made his fortune from getting humped by a pig (I want that whole story!) and money is no object…nor is her be-littling everything and everyone. She has Paisley who she calls Mauve (can’t be bothered with learning her name) feeding her tic-tacs and waiting on her hand and foot.
Bellini is doing a new reality show because she is that giving and lovely, (cough) in the show she is in a relationship with Olympic swimmer Reese King. The public doesn’t know that their relationship is fake. Bellini also keeps herself busy with asking her pampered dog questions about life because he is so close to Jesus. (She is starting a religious clothing line for dogs).
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Reese is hawt of course and sets Paisley to drooling as soon as she meets him. He is off limits though because girlfriend needs this job assisting Satan’s mistress.
You know that is not going to last don’t you?

She is tired of seeing the room-mates wanker and needs to branch out on the penis front.
But please note: it’s not God’s gift to all women, it’s not the amazing thing to look at. It’s a rod of skin hanging between your legs. Unless it’s erect, supercharged, and ready to burst, cover that shit up because a flaccid penis is just a soggy meatball sub, balls sagging behind, and hopefully devoid of parmesan cheese.

Amen sister.

So Paisley and Reese are struggling with wanting to do the thangie thing and having to put up with the queen of crazy. WHO BY THE WAY RUINED MY CHEERIO LOVING!
Pope Francis (The dog) prays for them every night, as it’s on his list of sinners, along with chefs, people who live with more than four cats, and individuals who enjoy eating Cheerios-no one should eat a bowl of vaginas.
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I loved Paisley and queen Bellini. Reese got on my nerves at times with his over the top Alpha male stuff but it’s a fun ride to see if he wins the girl, the gold metal and does he escape Bellini’s clutches?
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I buddied up with my friend Kathleen to read this one. She leads me into smexy time books more often than not. πŸ˜€

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review


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