The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson

The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

Suppose you woke up and wasn’t at home? You are in a very strange new place. You are disoriented from being drugged and then a girl with a huge butterfly tattoo on her back tells you that this is your new home. A garden that is overseen by The Gardener. The Gardener has chosen you to be one of his “Butterflies.”
Before we go farther let’s discuss what exactly that means. The Gardener is a sick, sick man. He captures women and brings them to this garden so that he has his own little weird harem. He rapes them whenever he feels like it, tattoos their backs as another way of making them his, oh and as an added bonus? If they piss him off, get pregnant, turn the age 21 or any other multitude of sins…he kills them and places them is a resin case so that he can still admire his butterfly collection.

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Now the FBI has came in and stomped his little dream life. The story is told by one of the “Butterflies” as she is being interrogated about the whole shebang. The girl Maya grew up pretty rough so the FBI agents aren’t exactly sure how much truth they are getting from her especially as she seems to like provoking one of them. She does tell her story though and this part of the book is fascinating.
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Her voice tells her story even before the garden and I became attached to her character. The author makes you become attached to all of these girls and their stories. Even my cold heart hurt at some of their fates.

Then the Gardener’s two sons get involved with play time. One is a nutjob and one is a bit more sensitive. I thought they both were jerks and had a hard time finding any belief in the good one especially after the way he wanted to be daddy’s boy.

Daddy is a turd.
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There is soooo much to discuss in this book but I don’t want to spoil. It’s very readable since I’ve been book slumping and haven’t wanted to read a thing for weeks. I finished this in almost one sitting.


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There were some things that just didn’t add up. I usually don’t post any spoilers for books intentionally but this one is driving me batty. I wanted to give this sucker all five stars just because it made my dark heart beat faster..but some funky stuff happened.

Don’t hit the spoiler thingie if you are going to whine about me spoiling.
(view spoiler)

I want people to read this one and discuss..because I’m frustrated and have some blue balls! (That does NOT mean I want trolls to come here and tell me how stupid I am.)

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.

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      1. Haha, so I just realized I did the exact same thing on my last review…I copied from GoodReads so there’s a “view spoiler” link but it doesn’t go anywhere.

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