Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Blake Crouch is a very tricky guy. *Warning-this is a mostly gif review because I have no clue on how to review it without spoiling.*

You really can’t review his books without giving them away. A buddy and I were talking about him last night, it feels like HE isn’t even sure where the story is going. But you better hang on because it’s always a bumpy ride.
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This one starts out just like a normal book. (I’m not spoiling for this part) Jason Dessen is just an average guy. He is married to his long time love, has a teenage son, isn’t really rich, his life would be classified more around average. Then he gets taken at gunpoint and taken to an abandoned warehouse and injected with a drug.

When he wakes up his whole life has changed…and it’s some freaky stuff.
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I don’t know how much of the sciencey stuff is correct, but who cares? I couldn’t put this book and it FELT real…and it’s so very good.

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You are going to have to read it to find that out.

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