Big Ass Shark by Briar Lee Mitchell


I have to admit. This book is getting one star just for that title alone.

Misty is minding her own business one day. Shooting a video for her mom about how things are going in California. She hasn’t gotten that acting job yet, but the weather is great. She smokes a bit of weed, kicks back and is enjoying the ocean.
Until she sees it.
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A Big damn shark comes at her and she takes off running. It’s headed towards a near-by beach. Full of tasty people!
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She warns the lifeguards and people really don’t believe her. She is saying that a shark that big is out there? Yeah whatever.

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But one thing she has is one of it’s teeth. It chomped down on her lawn chair and some rocks when she was scrambling to get away from the sucker.

She gets some help finally after proving that the shark is in fact real…and kinda might get hungry. Like most books involving huge animals that might eat us..the humans in this book act normally and decide to either capture or kill the big ass shark.
Palm Springs commercial photography

I wish it had eaten all of them up.


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