Margins by E. Lorn

Margins by E. Lorn

I make no secret of the fact that I usually don’t care for short stories. They just don’t give you enough to chew on. I do make exceptions for a couple of authors, Stephen King and Ed Lorn. It’s no secret that Ed Lorn is branching out from writing horror and trying new things. For totally worked.
I think this is one of my favorites that I’ve read by him. I will admit though that I wanted more so I didn’t give the full five stars but this is damn good. So 4.5 stars. dammit.

Jaime works part time in a used book store called Secondhand Books. She gets a discount for helping out and every book lover uses any devices we can to score some more books. One day she picks up a book that she has never heard of, A Rendezvous With Richard. She decides on it since it only has a bit over a hundred and ninety pages and she figures if nothing else she can finish it in one afternoon.
Then she starts reading the book and the book answers her by typing answers back to her.
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You can tell when reading this book just how much Ed Lorn loves books, he adds in little tidbits from the books he has read and it fits this story to perfection. This is a book lovers book. I got so wrapped up in this that I messaged Ed Lorn and threatened some ass beating because I wanted more of this book. Because this is me right now……….
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