The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn

The Mother Road

Marley’s dad Bernie and brother Paul show up in California sporting the family RV. Paul is getting married and they decided the perfect way to get him ready for the marriage is a road trip in memory of their mom in Tacy. Tacy is so named for one of the characters in The Long, Long Trailer. She is about that old also, her tire on the back is sagging, her paint is flaking. Road trip!!
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What Marley doesn’t realize is that Paul’s best bro-mance friend Porter is going to be the hitch-hiker they pick up. Porter is the brother’s best friend that broke Marley’s heart.
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They embark upon the journey for the perfect hotdog for their beloved mom’s memory.
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The stops along the way give you the feeling of being along for the ride……I LOVE some road tripping.
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(The blue whale story will never be removed from the scar it left in my mind)

Then there is the humor.
Marley’s brother Paul is the perfect comic relief. He has no shame in the fact that most of the time his family and friend are wondering how the heck he is getting married since he seems to be minus a nut sac.
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Sometimes the humor does wear thin in the book though because it does seem to never end. Fart jokes and bodily functions do happen pretty regularly in this family. Plus they have no concept of TMI.
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I did end up enjoying the book though and the sex made up for lots of farting, and I loved these frigging characters.

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she has to reach deep down into her soul, clear the pathways of her inner goddess, and let out her nuclear Satan. You know what I’m talking about.
The crazy.
Don’t try and act like you don’t have it; every woman does.

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.

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