Lights Out, A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared and Surviving the Aftermath by Ted Koppel

Lights Out by Ted Koppel

Nightline with Ted Koppel was a show that was on occasionally in my house when I was growing up. My family respected Ted Koppel, so I guess some of that was installed subconsciously in me. (So much stuff got inadvertently crammed into my small mind space-so stop the judging of me)
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He has since retired and decided on try his hat as an author. He takes on somewhat the fear of a cyber-attack on America’s electric/internet infrastructure. (I say somewhat-because I felt like he just glazed the surface)
 photo 338-0801213105-usa-electic-grid_zpsjjahvxmu.gif

The book is broken down into three parts.
A Cyberattack: Where Koppel interviews some of the nations leading security people about the possibility and likely-hood of an attack.
In that aspect I think he comes away with not much info. Some people agree and some just shuffle his questions under the carpet.
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He does manage to scare the crap out of me. I read a bunch of these types books. Reasons being-I’m nosey as hell, I want to know all I can. Even if I never (please hope to never) experience anything of the sort. I read lots of different stuff so again, don’t go all judgey.
He managed to scare me because he explains how hard it would be to repair the grid after being hit. He explains how FEMA and other disaster relief areas would have to concentrate on bigger cities first.
 photo RZH5_zpsbwoby2i9.gif
But that’s okay, the people in the cities are the ones that won’t be able to get out of elevators, the grocery stores will be looted…etc, etc…

A Nation Unprepared:
This is a small section of the book where Koppel explains that we pretty much need to kiss our arses goodbye.
 photo 20-Signs-That-Current-Events-Are-Driving-You-Insane-2_zpsg4ux23td.gif
 photo giphy_zpsrdixuk9g.gif

Surviving the Aftermath:
This part of the book was actually the one that gave me a bit of hope. Koppel goes out and interviews some preppers and some Mormons.
That sounds like an odd combination doesn’t it?
Koppel actually made this book very readable and relate-able because he doesn’t make fun of either group.
The preppers, He treats with respect. He does stress that not every person can afford to go to some of the extremes that some preppers do. He doesn’t recommend trying. To that extreme. He does recommend that you do be prepared for some type of disaster supplies at all times. You just never know.
 photo nut-up-or-suht-up_zpsxqt8izvj.gif
Then the Church of LDS, he treats this group with respect also. I didn’t realize that they stockpile supplies as part of their faith. They actually make it very reasonable to do so. The biggest thing I took away from this book was from this section also. When asked would they help people that turned up at their doors..the church members said yes. Even if they knew they would suffer.
That’s the frigging country I want to live in.
 photo cm-40772-050d4d425f09e7_zpsll97w0ht.gif

In the end of reading this book. My feelings are some small fear of this happening, however, the feeling I get is that we should not. Fear can be a form of terrorism too. I believe in being aware and thinking what can happen. I believe in not being stupid and not having some self reliance skills at your personal inventory. But maybe because I’m older..I’m just not caving in to the fear.
 photo End-of-the-world-GIF_zpsua09yf2m.gif
I will add that I’m pretty self reliant. I do and do admit that I think you should have some survival means in place. Don’t be completely caught unaware.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for review from Blogging for books.


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