Husk by J Kent Messum

Husk by J. Kent Messum

Are you ready for one look into our futures?
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I’m usually middle ground on science fiction. I can read it and enjoy it but dang..this one had me turning pages. It just happened that I was trying to read it over Thanksgiving when the dang people I live with thought for some reason I should cook.
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In this future the rich guys that have already died have found a way to come back. They just save themselves in digital form.
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Then find themselves a “husk” to download themselves into for a period of either one day or up to three days.
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Now for the “Husks”, they are every day people. Living is hard in these times. No money, water is even rationed. No meat either, unless it’s factory “grown”..ewww.

So before you judge what you would whore yourself out now..realize in this existence that “We are all whores now.”
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You never know or can control what the rich guys do with your body when you are husking either. So keep that in mind.
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The main character in the story is, of course a husk. Rhodes is a guy who grew up dirt poor and he is getting by the best he can.
After some odd sessions with a client he starts to have nightmares and weird flashbacks. (you just know that the shit is going to hit the fan)

For the fellow pervs out there-there is even a bit of an orgy scene……(view spoiler)

Now I’ve heard rumors that this book is being talked about as getting made into a tv series or something along those lines. Hells yeah.

I received a copy of this book from the author. He did not specify what I should do with it. I decided to read it..and I enjoyed every second. Don’t be hating.

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