Oh Gussie by Kimberly Schlapman

Oh Gussie! by Kimberly Schlapman

I’m going to go all kinds of personal stuff in this review. If you are not a fan..then kiss it and go read a different one.

I LOVE Kimberly Schlapman. She is probably one of my favorite “famous” people that exists outside of my love of a few fiction authors and Norman Reedus. Her family lives in my small town so she is here a lot. My daughter is in her niece’s grade in school and the school chorus was trying out some “Little Big Town” songs and they wanted to ask the group if they could have a few signed pics to give away for one of their fundraisers. Kimberly Schlapman and Little Big Town went above and beyond. They came to my daughter’s school and sang with these middle schoolers. They didn’t advertise what they did for publicity. They just did it.
Kimberly spends quite a bit of time here with her family and one of my friends saw Kimberly at the local grocery store and completely went fangirl. She ended up getting her pic taken with her and well…she is my friend so you can imagine that Ms. Schlapman was thinking “Do I need that restraining order?” She was very gracious with my now embarrassed friend. SO yes, I love her.

Now for the food.

The book is different than the norm of cookbooks. It’s separated by chapters titled Family, Friends, Music, Home and Away instead of the normal cookbooky type chapters. I didn’t mind this but I could see that some readers wouldn’t care for it so much.
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Another thing about this book is that Ms. Schlapman makes it personal. She tells little tidbits of her life and stories that bring her memories of the food she shares. Including one that featured her husband that passed away and Black Walnut cake.
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The photos in the books are done beautifully, there are several of her and her family, several of flowers and few of the foods. I do wish that there were just a few more of the food dishes but I ain’t hating.

I got this book from the library because I’ve been holding off to get one signed by her. Every stinking time she has held a signing near me something has popped up and I haven’t been able to attend. Yes, I know I could have gotten someone to get one signed for me but I want to fangirl.
I’m purchasing this one for my collection though, even if a few recipes feature my nemesis: Cream of whatever soup.
I still love it.

Look at some of the goodies:
Citrus Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing
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Rosemary Pork Chops
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Crazy Daisy Squares
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