Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning by Timothy Snyder

Black Earth by Timothy Snyder

I picked this book because in the sixth grade I had one of the most amazing teacher that I can remember. She spent 9 weeks teaching us the history of the Holocaust. My son is in the sixth grade so I thought I would brush up with the history of that tragedy with this book.
This book is almost over my head. It did not work for what I had intended it for.
But does that mean it’s a bad book? Of course not.

Snyder gives a detailed. (Sometimes almost mind numbingly so) recounting of Hitler’s maniacal rise and then he makes you stop and think…Could something similar happen now?

Don’t shake your head no so fast, buster.
He uses other for instances but it’s my little review space and I tend to ramble so I’m using one that I know of recently..
My state Six Flags featured a day for each of several religions. I know that they had “Christian Day” and several other “special days” featured. Then they had “Muslim Day”. People flipped their lids. Social media blew up with hate and ramblings and honestly? If I had been Muslim there is no way in heck that I would attend that event that day. Because what was being posted scared me.
Hate festers and spreads.

Then Snyder talks about world climate and how if food sources were in short supply, what would happen? Would people turn against a group of people with the whole survival of the fittest in mind?

Most of the reviews on Goodreads and everywhere else I looked have this book as a highly rated book. And it’s good. But, to me the author talks over most people’s head on a subject that needs to be talked about and remembered. I just wish that it had been a tad bit more understandable.

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4 thoughts on “Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning by Timothy Snyder

  1. I think the book would have been better served by showing how it does happen today, everywhere women are treated as second class citizens or subjected to mutilation, where homosexuality is a sin that can get one killed, and in all situations where discrimination is allowed to breed.

  2. And by “it” I mean the massive spread of ignorance and the subjugation of a class deemed lesser, not the apartheid, though that exists today as well

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