The Little Brother by Victoria Patterson

The Little Brother by Victoria Patterson

WHY ARE MORE PEOPLE NOT READING THIS BOOK???!!!! Go get it now. It deserves the hype and so much more.

Even Hyde is the little brother. He loses part of his connection with his older brother Gabe when his parents divorce and Even goes to live with his dad. Gabe stays with their emotionally unstable mom.

Dad is super rich and very much in control. He has connections with the police and the boys know that they have a “get out of jail free” card when they mention their father’s name.
(These boys characters come to life in this book. I wanted to just snatch up Even and let him live with us to get him away from the whole mess and Gabe? I wanted to stomp a mudhole in his ass.)

Gabe starts hanging out more at his dad’s house. Because that’s where the money is and there is very little supervision.
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Gabe had received a video camera from his dad for a birthday and he uses it to make skateboarding videos of himself and his friends. But that’s not the only thing that Gabe is interested in making films of.
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Because on the few days surrounding the fourth of July these boys lives will change forever.

Gabe and his friends commit a horrible crime. The video tape they make of them committing the crime ends up in Even’s hands. Does he go against his family and turn it in? Or do as he thinks his powerful dad would do and just destroy it?
Living and breathing and existing as a part of this crazy world, not understanding what anything meant. Trying to make sense, struggling. It felt as if I could shatter, and that then I’d be nothing.

This book puts you through every emotion known to man. You feel for Even as he struggles with guilt and that gut turning rage that I felt for what his brother did.
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It makes you question yourself…
People love to be indignant. “If it had been me,” they like to say, if they suspect that an acquaintance or family member might be a rapist, molester, drug dealer, thief, et cetera, I would’ve turned him or her in right away.”
But they don’t know what it’s like. Or they’re lying. It’s far more comfortable and easy to remain stupid and silent. Like I would have.

This author gives you a glimpse of what it’s like. And it’s one of the most emotionally tormenting books that I’ve read. Could you turn in a family member? Think hard before you answer that question.

There is rape in this book for all of you that can’t deal with that trigger and it’s pretty graphic. But it’s needed for this which you see the guilt of the brother who believes himself as a Judas, traitor, jackass, rat, backstabber, double-crosser, tattletale, squealer, snitch.
It’s needed to see how this poor girl is turned on by the very friends that she relied on to help her. Sixteen year old girls can be just as much the devil as the boys can.
It’s needed to see how someone can be “tried in the court of public opinion.”
It’s needed to see how money can influence the law and the court system.
You will rage.

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So go read this book and decide for’s not always so easy.

Booksource: I did receive a copy of this book from the author. She did not ask for a review. I’m furnishing that because I want too. With an overall average rating of the books I’ve read at 3.15’s pretty safe to say that I’m not influenced by that in the least. These are my true feelings for this book.


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