The Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman

The Murderer's Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman

Back a hundred years ago I ate up the Alex Delaware/Milo books like candy. The writing was always good and even when Kellerman would get to rambling on I still enjoyed the series. He took a gay male detective and made him a main character way before many other books that I saw at the time. There may have been more but this was my first intro to a gay man as a main character. Kellerman didn’t fall into that troupe with the gay man stereotype either. He made Milo’s character a bad-ass and I looked up to him. Milo was who he was and anybody that didn’t like it could kiss his ass.

Jonathan Kellerman may strike gold with me again. In Grace Blade.
My friend Ed posted a status update about who he saw as Grace’s character and I totally agree.
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(Grace is far from broken-she should be but totally not broken)

This book is hopefully setting the stage for a series with Grace’s character. *begs Jonathan Kellerman* So there is a bunch of Grace’s life that comes into it. Don’t think for one minute that it’s boring though. Those are the best parts of this book.

Grace was birthed by two people who were really too stupid to have children. They should have been featured in a movie.
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*somewhat spoilery-but it happens early in the book*
Grace is five years old when her birth mother (I’m not calling this woman a mother) kills the “baby daddy” and then kills herself. Thus the title of this book, The Murderer’s Daughter. This book is better than that title.

Grace then ends up as a foster child, in a system that gives two shits less. The thing about Grace though, as a child she is obedient and never makes herself stand out. She does not want to be around other people, preferring reading and being by herself over anything or anyone else. I won’t spoil any of her story because I thought it was fascinating.

Grace is now a successful psychologist that helps people put traumatic events behind them. There is another side to Grace though. At night Grace goes for what she calls “leaps”..she dresses up and goes and picks out a guy and bangs the hell out of him…and walks away.
Kellerman makes no apologies in her character for her behavior. FUCK YES!!
Grace is a character that will piss off some old school readers. A woman that acts like a man in regards to sex?
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Grace manages to stay classy, intelligent and I LOVED her character. Flaws and all. Grace doesn’t form attachments to people though. She still as an adult prefers her own company. She is successful in her career as a caregiver in spite/because? of it. She is able to separate herself from it in a way that had me glued to these pages.
Then Grace gets involved in a murder case. She isn’t one of those characters that is tagging along with the police and “helping” with the case.
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Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.

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