Golden by Melinda Michaels

Golden by Melinda Michaels

Hanna Loch is a senior in high-school and she is one of those kids that rarely give anyone any trouble. She’s quiet and respectful of her grandparents that are raising her. Her parents are globe-trotters that she hasn’t seen in a year.
Hannah had blackouts and has no memory of her life before she was eight years old. Then one day in class she has another blackout.

She leaves school early and is almost killed by a speeding truck. Her savior is a new guy to town. William Vane. Vane is in town on business with his family’s construction business.
He seems to have a knack of turning up when Hannah gets herself into trouble.

Then Hannah realizes that she has started seeing some people’s auras. She thinks she might be going crazy. Until she finally realizes that there is something different about her family.

“So, what? You’re saying we’re related to fairy tale characters?”
“Don’t,” he said quickly, looking anxious. “Don’t say the F-word, okay?”
“The F-word? Fairy tale?”

William Vane’s family also has ties to being part of the fairy tale legacy.

“But the stories you’ve heard your entire life, the ones Hollywood dreamed up, they’re not the real stories. The real ones are far more disturbing than anything you could imagine.”

This is a pretty cool premise for a series of books (I think this is the first of a series) and the writing isn’t bad.
The rating from me factors in the fact that most of the book is Hannah being kept in the dark about her past. It got very tedious.
This is also a look a at fairy tale re-telling that doesn’t get told very much. So that was fun.
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Booksource: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review. It in no way affected the outcome.

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