Deadly Messengers by Susan May

Deadly  Messengers by Susan May

3.5 stars

Kendall Jennings writes freelance stories to pay the bills. She does the fluff type pieces like the ones that tell you how to get Angelina Jolie lips in just five days. (I need this info)

A near by mass murder entangles her in it’s web and she ends up getting the exclusive story from one of the survivors. She isn’t thrilled with writing about the murders because violence turns her stomach. She keeps going though because it’s helping her career and paying those never ending bills.

Then another mass murder occurs, this time at a nursing home. The killer is a different person as the first massacre ended in the death of that killer. Now it’s happening again.
Kendall meets up with the detectives that are investigating the crimes, Lance O’Grady and his partner Trip.
O’Grady hates journalist due to some stuff that has happened in his past. So he is not thrilled that Kendall keeps poking her nose around.

Then a mother goes nuts and kills members of her family with no sign of any problems leading up to the massacre.

O’Grady knows that these murders cannot be coincidence. Not when they are all taking place in the same small area.
The last question, truly the most frightening when, after all these years, O’Grady thought he’d seen everything evil. Was this the new evil?

Is it all tied into a similar mass murder scene at a fast food restaurant that Kendall starts digging into?

Or can a grieving father’s research into the anti-depressant SSRI’s that so many of us take be leading people to commit these horrible crimes?

Or is it something worse?

I really enjoyed this different take on a serial thriller. May does a good job with keeping the story interesting and her writing is pretty good. I didn’t care for the sorta romancy way that Kendall and O’Grady were acting at times but I’m a hateful old heifer.
May even makes fun of it herself in describing her thoughts as Kendall thinking about a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Not bad at all though.

Booksource: This book was author gifted to me. Susan May actually took the time to read my profile and saw that I had shelved this book on my “to-read” shelf. She sent me a very nice message asking if I was interested in reading it.
Yes, please to authors that act this way.
This did not in any way influence my review. Because like I said I’m a hateful old heifer and I review the way I want.

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