Seeing Evil by Jason Parent

Seeing Evil by Jason  Parent

When we first meet Michael Turcotte he is a very young boy and Samantha Reilly is the detective on the case of his parent’s murder.
Fast forward and he is now a freshman in high school. He is living in foster care but has kept in contact with Samantha.

Michael is a very quiet boy and tries to stay under the radar at school. He doesn’t have any friends because that would bring attention to him. He just exists. One day he does attract the school bullies though and they target him for abuse. Later on he has a vision of one of the bullies being killed.

He tries to find someone to believe what he saw. He tells the principal, his foster parents and Samantha. It’s hard to believe when something like this takes place so no one really takes his vision seriously.

Then it comes true. Michael is angered that no one even Samantha took him seriously so that now a teenager is dead.

Samantha begins to think that Michael is right about the visions because he told every detail of the vision. So what does she do?
She takes him to a missing woman’s house with her to interview the husband. Michael has another horrible vision when the man touches him.

Now this part I didn’t care for. You just don’t involve anyone that is not law enforcement in a case like that. Especially a teenager. I hated that part in I Hunt Killers books. However, Jason Parent does pull that storyline through in a believable way.

Another viewpoint in the story is from another teenager. A girl named Tessa. Who like Michael is very introverted and keeps to herself.

She keeps to herself because she is forced too. Her “Father” is a frigging monster.

This book reads really fast because I wanted to know what was going to happen. It blends the paranormal part of Michael’s visions perfectly.

Book source: Gifted copy.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Evil by Jason Parent

  1. Thanks, Evil Queen, for giving my book a chance and taking the time to review it! Whatever happened to Haley Joel Osment?

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