The Fold by Peter Clines

The Fold by Peter Clines

Mike’s a small town teacher. He just wants a normal life. The thing is Mike has a gift/curse/secret. He has an eidetic memory.

Calm down Reid fangirls. He looks more like this.

His memory skills are super charged. The guy is a walking computer. He sees it in his head as ants moving information around.

I don’t think I want any ants in my head but this part of the book had me hooked.
Then his friend who heads some government agency or such wants him into his organization. Why? To go out and objectively “look” into an expensive project that he is funding.
The project? These guys have set up a “Fold” that lets you transport/teleport to another place.

So very cool! And very sciency! I like!

I started reading this book yesterday and I was hooked. The writing was so good and it kept my attention. Then my husband decides we need to go to the grocery store. He mumbled something about needing to eat instead of read all the time. I usually just ignore him but the boy child was looking at me funny so I caved.
Once I got back I picked the book back up. I was at around page 270 and I think someone snuck in and changed books on me…Because the book did this:

I mean really?!?!?!
(view spoiler)
You can’t give me such an awesome book and the throw in that towel. I wanted MORE! More goodness not crazy shit.

I’m thinking a five star for the book before page 270 and a two star for the rest. Average 3 big old stars.
I didn’t hate it but I thought the book deserved better.

Book source:blogging for books in exchange for review.


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