Shine not Burn by Elle Casey

Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey

Andie Marks is a good girl. She has a “life plan” and knows what she wants out of life. Kids by a certain age, making partner at her law firm, that perfect for her husband, she can have it all.
Then one of her best friends is getting married and her bachelor party is in Vegas. Andie doesn’t really want to go because she knows her friends will go wild because “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”
“They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but sometimes the trouble follows you home. Know what I mean?”

She gets completely drunk and meets up with a drop dead gorgeous cowboy named Mack over a table playing BlackJack. They have some wild monkey sex and the next morning she heads back to her normal life.

Fast forward two years, Andie’s life plan is on track. She is about to marry “That Bradley” who is a jerk and has alienated her from her friends but he fits into her plan so very well that whoohoo it’s on. Then she finds out that something happened in Vegas that she didn’t remember. Her and that Cowboy-they got married that night.

So she shows up at his Oregon ranch asking for a divorce.

I really liked this cowboy. Mack. But I didn’t know a single thing about him other than the fact that he doesn’t wear underwear and he’s got a big cock-a-doodle-doo that he definitely knows how to use. Yee-Haw.

Mack doesn’t want a divorce though.

So it comes down to a showdown at the family’s annual picnic.
“That Bradley” shows up..

You get a chick fight..

Andie has started to question her whole “life plan” idea. Maybe living by Mack’s family crest wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all. “Shine not Burn”

This book is obviously very closely related to the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” but I loved that movie so I’m still a happy girl with it. It’s funny as hell in spots and the lurrve triangle between Bradley and Mack didn’t even get on my nerves. The sex was smoking hot without the use of the damn names for body parts that turn me off most contemporary romance books. This was perfection. At least to me.
Now I will say, I had this author on my don’t read list because of a blog post that offended me. I’m not a bully but I have been called one several times before over books, it gets to me sometimes and I just avoid any chances of confrontation. Sometimes I just get tired of all the drama though and try to overlook it. That’s why I read this book. The breach between authors and readers need to be closed and I’m very glad I did. It’s really a book that I loved every second of and I’ll read more books by Elle Casey. I may even one star one if I end up not liking it. Does that make me a bully? Nope. (I’m sure I’ll get flagged for mentioning that but hell I get flagged for most everything I do on here.)

“Shine Not Burn” people. Life is too frigging short.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley.

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