The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

The Library at Mount Char by Scott  Hawkins

This is honestly the weirdest book I have ever read.

The first hundred or so pages of this book make no sense whatsoever. I mean none.
You just get thrown into the book and hope for the best. I kept thinking I was going to dnf this sucker but I looked and most of my friends on Goodreads had given it a pretty decent rating. I didn’t want to be that weird one..again.

I’m going to attempt to sum up some of this book and hopefully make some sense of it in my mind at the same time. (Probably not going to happen..but what the heck)

So there is this Caroline chick. She says she used to be normal. Then “Father” adopted her and she became one of the librarians.

Then you have people getting killed. Several times. They bring them back from the dead and kill them again.
I’m telling you this book is whacked.
You have talking animals that “help” the librarians.

You also have David. A librarian who loves to kill and maim. As he wears his tutu.

“Father” taught each of his librarians, but they were only allowed to study out of the books in their fields. Or they suffered the consequences.

“Father” also seemed to have friends in high places.

I give up. This book really makes no sense. Parts of it were actually pretty good. Thus the three star rating. I think I’m going to go and take a nap now though and hope to just forget about these librarians. They gave me a freaking headache.

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