My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

When I checked this book out at the library, my favorite librarian looked at me funny and said “This is not a you book”. I told her that every once in awhile I want fluffy. I can do romancy young adult.

I think I should probably stick mostly with the serial killers and stalkers

Princess perfect Samantha lives a fairy tale life. Her mommy is a politician who gained her throne through that handy trust fund.

Now next door to this paradise is one of “those families”. The ones that never mow their lawn, have way too many kids, never pick up the toys and breast feed in public.
So Samantha watches them. From her roof. For years.
Then she finally gets to meet one of them. Jace. Then well…you know what happens next if you read many young adult books.

Is it really insta-love if she has stalked him for years? The questions I have.

The thing is, I did not really hate this one. Jace does have an interesting family. One kid named George that I’m gonna marry one of these days. George saved this book.
Samantha’s stoned friend Tim was pretty cool too.
Now for mommy and her political boyfriend.

If you want fluffy, read this book. It’s not bad enough that I wanted to stab people. Now, I will go back to my regularly scheduled killing book.


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