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Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller

Freedom's Child by Jax Miller

This sounds like such a good book when you read the blurb. Freedom Oliver is hiding out in the Witness Protection society. Twenty years previously she was arrested for killing her cop husband. She signed away her children for adoption and went into hiding. She works at the local biker bar, drinks a ton of alcohol and barely exists.

She then finds out that her daughter who was being raised by a religious couple has gone missing. Comes to find out that the couple who adopted her children are religious fanatics who know the end of the world is coming.

The thing is. Freedom’s brother in law who was obsessed with her and is the person that actually killed her husband. (His brother) He is now out of prison and knows where Freedom is. With his mom who furnishes her sweet boys with drugs from her motorized scooter and knows her boys do no wrong and his brothers, who fit this image start to come after Freedom.

I mean these characters are frigging awesome! Momma in her scooter sniffing drugs and eating orange cupcakes. How can this book not be the best?

But it’s not. Almost every stinking chapter begins with the phrase “My name is Freedom”…………………I GOT THAT AFTER THE FIRST TEN TIMES!
Then when the story gets rolling I just never really got a sense of anyone in the book. I kept wanting to put the book down and not finish it. Now of course it has super awesome reviews so it may just be me. But not my cuppa tea, and from the blurb I thought it had my name all over it.