Remember Me This Way by Sabine Durrant

Remember Me This Way by Sabine Durrant

Lizzie meets her husband Zach on the internet. He seems like that perfect man. He is good looking, talented, and completely loves her.

Then Zach is killed in an auto accident and Lizzie does her year of grieving, at the anniversary of his death she goes to the spot of his accident. Someone else had gotten there before her and left flowers. Lizzie begins to wonder about the relationship she had with Zach.

The book switches points of view throughout the story, you have Lizzie’s present day and Zach’s pages from his diary.
We find out that Lizzie had finally planned on leaving Zach, but would she have gone through with it?
The truth is, I would never have left him. Zach could be funny and confident and clever, but it was his darkness that drew me.

I wondered about Lizzie too. She spent most of the marriage convincing him that she wanted only him.

Then you have Zach’s passages. Zach was a tad bit psycho.
But one slip and she knows I won’t be responsible for the consequences. It’s a game we play. I think she likes it.

Lizzie then realizes she is being followed and she starts looking into Zach’s history. Nothing he told her was the truth. She didn’t know him at all.

This book starts off slowly but once I got into the story I did not want to stop reading. Perfectly creepy and stalkerish. This is what I wanted that damn Gone Girl book to be.

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