Infected by Scott Sigler

Infected by Scott Sigler

This book should cause me to lose a few pounds because now my stomach is queasy.

When I started the book I was all fangirl because I love some contagion books. Yes, I know I have weird tastes in books.

Some kind of contagion is sweeping a town, it causes people to go completely nuts and to kill the people around them. A seventy something year old Grandma kills her son because of it.
Then before the bodies of the assailants can be looked at they rot, completely turn to mush, and an odd fungus looking stuff.
Things of daydreams right?

Then a former football player gets infected. Perry Dawsey is a big guy, he has been known for his horrible temper but has settled into a boring office job. Once infected Perry fights back. He has blue triangles growing in his skin!

There are others that have been infected. Then the triangles start talking to each other……then start hatching.

I’ve had the third book of this series on my kindle for awhile and thought I would finally pick this one up to see what all the fuss was about. It was kind of a medium opening for me. I will finish the series but not at this moment.

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