Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

Cold Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers, #3)

Let’s get something out of the way. Alexandra Sokoloff writes a damn fine book. I thought her edge might wear off but she stays strong. This is the third book in her Huntress/FBI storyline and I can’t decide which one of them I love the most.
She takes the time to research her writing, there is good flow with her words and her characters come to life. Bravo.
I’m done fangirling now… so about the book.

Cara Lindstorm has been arrested and suddenly the sixteen year old girl that was the prosecutions witness goes missing. While Cara is still in custody a pimp is murdered and his slaying is very similar to Cara’s MO. Then more evil men are turning up dead.

Roarke is still haunted by Cara and he is a tortured hero but there is one thing that stands out about his character. His demons don’t make me hate him. Sometimes reading a book that has a male lead can lead to cockiness and if they do have a weakness it gets to the point where I just want to smack them. It has not happened with Roarke yet, I still like him.

Then you have Cara, a female serial killer. She didn’t make herself that way though. Her past is violently cruel and the way that the whole story-line of her seeing “IT” comes into play. You just believe she can see that evil.
Whether IT was a seperate, independant force or just a word for the evil that humans beings do, Roarke didn’t know. He only knew that evil was real.
IT was evil.

I do not want to give much of the story away because I think more people should read these books. They make you rage, think and question what is right and wrong.

There is a trigger warning for some of you: This book involves human trafficking.

The murders all of which they attributed to Santa Muerte:
She is out there.
But she is not the only one.
This is a call to arms.
This is a war on rape culture.


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