Becoming a Jett Girl by Meghan Quinn

Becoming a Jett Girl by Meghan Quinn

Well, shit sticks.
I loved Meghan Quinn’s The Virgin Romance Novelist so I was request crazy when I saw this book come up on Netgalley.

Now I’m gonna admit, the sexy times in this book were hot as heck. Ms. Quinn nails that with a sense of fun that I do find refreshing.

Goldie works in a bar as a waitress, think Hooters on steroids. She barely makes ends meet so she has sex with a dude for money to help with the bills.
She catches the attention of the guy named Jett, he owns an exclusive club in New Orleans and once she signs that little contract all her debts will disappear.

She doesn’t have to have sex with the clients just with Jett himself. The clients can look but not touch, they can of course avail themselves to the little room provided to relieve themselves.

Can you guess that I wasn’t a fangirl over this one?
I think I might need a shower just to get this dirty feeling off me after this book.
I get that women can do whatever they want with their own bodies. I’m progressive like that. However, don’t feed it to me in a story that provides she only gets to do that by submitting to a guy. Plus said guy has a stable of women who already provide that for him.
Just yuck. Pure yuck.
The reviews for the book are high. So obviously it might just be me.

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