The Kitchen Ecosystem by Eugenia Bone

The Kitchen Ecosystem by Eugenia Bone

This cookbook rocks my little foodie heart. I know I’m going to bore you guys to death with my foodie side-but you gotta eat!

I’m one of those people who garden. So yes, I stuff bags of squash on my neighbors porches when they won’t answer the door for me anymore-because I just took them a bag the day before. I’m a giver. Plus, I get so tired of squash..until that next spring.

Anyways, this book is really good about giving you recipes for the item, then tells you how to preserve some of the leftovers, then how to use the preserved foods and THEN even tells you what to do with any leftover scrap items. SO MUCH WIN! I’m cheap and hate to waste anything-at least that’s what my husband says. The truth is I hate waste. I worked hard on growing that food. I hate to see anything go to waste.
Now when I get a trip to my local peach orchard I can have different ways to use these beauties.

(yes-that’s my own peaches-I love the south)

Homemade applesauce with Potato pancakes.

Chicken with pork stuffed cherry peppers

Canned beets

The ingredients in this book are not hard to find. That seems to be a trend in some of the newer cookbooks-in that the recipe looks good and then throws in some food that either costs the whole house payment or you just can’t find in my area. I hate that. This book doesn’t do that.
So it gets all the stars. I’m gonna go cook some of this stuff!

I received an copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from blogging for books. Thank you!

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