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My Perfect Pantry by Geoffrey Zakarian

My Perfect Pantry by Geoffrey Zakarian

I’m on the fence with this cookbook. I loved the recipes and I adore Geoffrey Zakarian. He just classes up the joint to me. The layout of the book is done well.
With his basic pantry item pictured then he includes three recipes for each item along with a finished photo of each.

My gripe with the book is that the ingredients are supposed to be mainly items that you have on hand..then the actual recipe comes along and I’ve got nuthin.
Just go into it expecting a beautiful book and you will be fine.

3.5 Stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from blogging for books. Thank you.


In Her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Grandma’s Around the World by Gabriele Calimberti

In Her Kitchen by Gabriele Galimberti

This book is just beautiful.

Gabriele Galimberti is a photographer and this book has some of the most beautiful photographs of each grandmother and her favorite dish presented.

For instance you have:
Shark in Coconut soup from the Philippines

Grape Leaves stuffed with Beef and Rice from Armenia

Swiss Chard and Ricotta Ravioli with Meat sauce from the authors own Gramma in Italy

( I can’t wait to make that one)

I just want to hug this book every time I pick it up. To me it’s more than just a cookbook. It’s a book done from love. Most of us love our Grandmother’s and there was/is nothing like their cooking. It takes you home in an instant. It’s done with a picture of the grandmother from that country in her kitchen with the ingredients spread out for the recipe coming up. Then you have a picture of the recipe itself. Then you get my favorite part, a small section telling something about each Grandmother..then the recipe itself.

These recipes are simple and most of them have easily found ingredients. There are a couple that I don’t think I will either search down or attempt. (Iguana in one and caterpillars in another) Hey, don’t knock it though. If possible I would love to visit each of these sweet gramma’s in their kitchens and tell stories and eat up their cooking.
I gave this a four only because the layout could be confusing…there is an index in the back for easier look-ups though.

I moved in with my wonderful grandmother when I was 14 years old for awhile and every single day I want to kick my own butt for being a typical teenager and not paying her any attention. She cooked every day and half the time I would tell her I wasn’t hungry. Yes…my ass needed kicked. I wish now I hadn’t been such a spoiled brat and had went into that kitchen with her. Nothing ever tastes as good as I remember her food.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from blogging for books. Thank you so much.

Blue Ribbon Baking from a Redneck Kitchen by Francine Bryson

Blue Ribbon Baking from a Redneck Kitchen by Francine Bryson

I think I need an inner voice that tells me to step away from cookbooks.
It’s getting close to Thanksgiving though and I go into cooking mania at the holiday. I love pies. I want to try different ones and the same ones I’ve made for years. When I saw this book up for grabs at blogging for books I had to snatch it up.

Francine Bryson is just an everyday woman. She gained fame from her appearance at The American Baking Competion and placed as a finalist.

This may end up being one of my favorite holiday cookbooks. I can’t eat like this all the time but once a year and special occasions are just going to have to deal.
Here’s a sampling:

White Chocolate Raisin nut pie

Chocolate Peanut butter bacon pie..(I probably won’t brave this one but it’s pretty)

Chocolate Pumpkin Spice cake

I can’t find pictures of some of the others I really want to try. My husband loves oatmeal raisin cookies and there is a pie in here that sounds most wonderful.
This book would have gotten five stars except there isn’t enough pictures throughout it.

I’m hungry now. Hey, I’m eating grapes! For now.

I received a copy of this book from blogging for books in exchange for an honest review.