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Homemade Decadence by Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence by Joy Wilson

I have a food blog addiction. There I said it.
Joy the Baker is one of my very favorites and has been for years. She’s cute, sassy and can bake so well that I could just follow her around licking up crumbs.
Her first cookbook here is one of my favorite cookbooks. The pages are well worn and kinda sticky from me in the kitchen. Hey, it aint always pretty.

This one seems a bit more snooty to me. It’s still a fun book and I know that Pumpkin Spice ice cream is hitting my house this weekend. I’m hoping to give it a go and I may come back and change my star rating if it turns out as well as the first book did.

Recipes in this book do include:
Buttered Popcorn Crispy treats

Smore cake

And this one…Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pretzel Layer Cake

If I go missing. I’m in a sugar coma. Just add beer and I’ll survive.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from bloggingforbooks.


Sweet by the Editors of Food Network Magazine

Sweet by Food Network Kitchens

From the maker’s of Food Network magazine. A collection of cakes and cupcakes and other good tasting things that will make your favorite jeans no longer fit.
That should be a cookbook name.
This one is an average collection of recipes. The layout is nice and the pictures are spot on.

An average cookbook that I’ll probably use occasionally. I do have a cookbook addiction. My butt doesn’t thank me.

I received an copy of this book from Blogging for books in exchange for an honest review.