Deadout by Jon McGoran

Deadout by Jon McGoran

Doyle Carrick and his girlfriend Nola’s relationship has gotten somewhat stale. They take a weekend trip to Martha’s Vineyard. She ends up working for a bigger farm there for a jack ass rich boy.

Pure entertainment is what this book is.

Stuff I didn’t like about this book
Sometimes it seemed over the top with what was going on with the bees. I know we need them. I’m a granola girlie myself. It just seemed extreme at times in this story.

Sometimes…well it was cheesy. Entertaining but still had that cheese factor.

What I like about it
Frigging Doyle Carrick…

I crushed bad on him. Part asshole..part hero..frigging rocked.

Letting people know how bad Monsanto Stoma is. GMO’s, genetically modifying pisses me off. I hate they have so much control and this book does an good job of making you very scared on just how far they will go.

I have to pick up the first in this series now. Doyle takes on GMO’s in that book too. I think Captain Planet might just get a run for his money with this guy.

I received an arc of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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