Save Yourself by Kelly Braffet

Save Yourself by Kelly Braffet

Patrick and Mike’s dad ran down a young boy. Drunk driving. They are now on their own and live with their own demons.

Mike was strong and good-looking and he made her feel safe, but that wasn’t the kind of thing he thought about. Patrick might have understood, but Caro thought Patrick had grown acclimated to misery, and even as he knew the beer cooler was poison he wouldn’t have been able to get rid of it.

This book was so personal for me. My dad spent 26 years in prison. I know that feeling of your demons eating you alive. I’m not throwing this into the review as a pity party. He is a great man and I’m proud to have him as my dad. I just know the feelings these kids are having.

Caro grew up with a mentally ill mom. She sleeps with too many men in order to just find someone that wants/needs her. She ends up as Mike’s girlfriend. 

it was a nice thing for him to say, the sort of thing that always got to her. Caro needed to be important. It was boring and typical and transparent as hell, even to her, but she couldn’t turn it off any more than she could quit having arms.

Patrick works nights at a 7/11 type store and ends up kinda getting stalked by Layla. A goth type girl with so much going on in her head that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to smack her or cry for her. 
Her parents are those type parents who fight the school board to keep sex ed out of the school. Purity rings. The whole nine yards. 

Her little sister Verna has so much to face starting high school. A sister that was involved with a favorite teacher that was involved in the sex-ed scandal, she is super religious, no friends other than her sister. The bullying in the book could be a trigger if you’ve ever been bullied. I wanted to smash and roar.

Little sister Verna gets involved in big sister Layla’s world.

You have to read this book!! 
Dark fiction at it’s finest. I didn’t know when I started reading this book that the author was Stephen King’s daughter in law..What the heck is up with that family. Do they just ooze awesome in the pages they touch?

I received a copy of this book from blogging for books in exchange for an honest review.

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