Bedlam by BA Morton

Bedlam by B.A.  Morton

I had to go to bed last night after reading this book. I had to recover. I kept waking up throughout the night though thinking about it. 

Sometimes I hate books that leave you with questions..they make you think. I’m a lazy reader though. At times.

This book.

Joey is a down and out cop. His girlfriend Kit went missing last year. Everyone believes she is dead. Except for Joe. He drinks too much, misses work..just doesn’t really give a crap anymore.

Then he gets a call from his boss. There has been some murders. A couple of people hung from hooks and a girl. The girl is dead. Until Joe sees her eyes blink.

She has a Ying/yang tattoo..that will lead Joe to answers.
This book is hard to review without giving anything away. If you want a book that makes you think-which way could life go? This is your book.

Thank you Jahy for the copy of this book. I hate that it’s not being published anymore..because this…it’s how it’s done.

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