The Mother-in-law Cure by Farha Z. Hasan

The Mother-In-Law Cure by Farha Z. Hasan

3.5 stars

This book has the mother-in-law from hell. She controls her family with a hint of evil. The book never comes out and actually let the reader know how she is doing it completely..but it’s well done.

Miriam is the second marriage for this idiot of a son. Arranged by mommie dearest of course. Basically she is an unpaid slave that caters to Humara’s (the mother-in-law) every need. She was picked for her meekness and Miriam is an orphan so hopefully she will know her place.
I kept wanting Miriam to kick everyone in this books arse..then she finds the cure.

It’s a cute variation on a fairy tale. I loved that it featured Pakistani characters. The food descriptions had me drooling for Indian spiced food.

ETA: This book made me crave Indian food so bad. So I ended up making okra/squash curry.

I received an ARC copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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