The Devil All the Time by Donald Ray Pollock

The Devil All the Time

Not a book with fairy tales and happy endings.

This book shows the darkness that can linger in people’s souls.

Willard Russell believes if he and his son Arvin pray over his “prayer log” long enough it can save his doomed wife Charlotte from the cancer ravaging her body. It might now be enough to just pray alone he adds some sacrificial blood.

So begins this tale. Setting in rural Ohio and West Virginia. Pollock shows the side of poor rural life that I hope to never see.

The characters in this book do come to life. In order to send chills down your spine and sweep you into their lives. The author writes beautifully and I do hope to see more from him. I love this type of dark disturbing story.

The man nodded and stared out the window. “It’s hard to live a good life,” he said. “It seems like the Devil don’t ever let up.”

After reading this I looked at the author’s bio. He worked 30 years in a paper-mill in a rural area. That old adage write what you know? I still have chills up my back.

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