Kumquat by Jeff Strand


More like 4.5 stars

Jeff Strand writes horror. Or so I thought. When I saw that he was giving away copies of this book I jumped and raised my hand and may just have begged a bit.
The story is from Todd’s point of view. Before we go any further..let’s get something straight. He is my book boyfriend! Back off bitches!

Todd is a normal somewhat nerdy guy. He meets Amy and they are discussing a hot dog that she saw on one of those Foodie discovery shows. Impulsively they decide to make it a road trip to have one of those hot-dogs.

(There is more reasoning to the reason for the road trip but you gotta read the book to find that out.)
They meet some of the most interesting ummm characters that had me dying laughing. A guy in line at a BBQ joint who busts Todd’s nose, two kids who steal Todd’s car, a retiree who is a wanna be author, and a guy with a scar on his face and a claw for his hand.

This is not insta-love. This is a romantic story told exactly right. Full of snark and interesting enough that I could not put it down.

Jeff Strand you gained a fan. I can’t wait to read up all your books.

I did receive an ARC copy of this book from the author..who expected nothing in return. 


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